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Raku Firing Demonstration
Bruce Odell - Odell Pottery Studio

After 28 years as a potter standing in my art Festival booth, I now prefer to demonstrate my unique way of raku firing throughout the event. More like a performance art than a boring demonstration, I continuously explain, teach, joke, and play with this spectacular process. In a different way from other raku firing, I paint with oxygen out in the open where you can see flame fla shing rainbows of iridescent copper color appearing right before your eyes.

I have entertained and educated the public with this demonstration in such places as the Rockefeller Center in downtown New York City in April, 2002, where the demonstration was also nationally shown on The Today Show, downtown New Orleans, LA, Centennial Park in Nashville, TN, and on the grounds of the Convention Center in downtown Denver, CO, and numerous other Festivals in major cities and small towns.

The performance is lively, educational, humorous, and quite entertaining with great crowd appeal and beautiful fired results.

Bruce W. Odell
Odell Pottery Studio
625 B Garfield Street
Lafayette, LA 70501


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